Keith Smathers at family event

About Me

I am a professional engineer working towards retirement when I will dedicate my time to my second love in life...PHOTOGRAPHY.   Of course my wife Ana Marie is my first true love. 


So for now I am a part time photographer developing my skills and building my trade providing professional mountain biking, moto

cross, portrait and family event photos.

Clients include Team Trail Party, Kodiaktough, Southern Enduro Tour, Arkansas Enduro Series, BikeNWA, Gritty Teeth Racing,  Victory Racing Events, Texas Lifestyle & Travel Magazine and BGE, Inc.  Events include Southern Enduro Series 2018/2019, North American Enduro Eureka Springs,  Arkansas Enduro Series 2018/2019, Texas Gravel Championship 2019,  and Southern Enduro Tour 2020/2021.


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Keith Smathers

5316 Lakeaire Boulevard, Temple, Texas


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